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ALL INDIA STATE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES’ FEDERATION welcome you to our website. AISGEF is essentially a trade union organisation representing seven million state employees and teachers of 25 states of India With International Affiliation to Trade Union International Of Public & Allied Employees. The foundation of this organisation was laid in 1960.

AISGEF Headquarter
Address: 46, Car Street, Triplicane,
Chennai-600 005, TAMILNADU, India.
Telephone No: +91 44 2844-1286, 2844-0938
Fax No: +91 33 2844-3601
AISGEF Kolkata Office  
Address: 10A, Shankaritola Street,
Kolkata 700 014, India.
Telephone No: +91 33 2217-7721 / 2227-6542
Fax No: +91 33 2265-9450
E.Mail :


Publication: We publish Employees’ Forum, our monthly journal in English and Hindi versions separately.

National Conference: According to the norms laid down in AISGEF constitution, the National Conference of AISGEF is held every three years. The last Annual Conference was held at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala from 20-23 December 2009.

The following personalities are Principal Office Bearers of AISGEF :

  • Mr. R.G. Karnik, Chairman

  • Mr. Sukomal Sen, Senior Vice Chairman

  • Mr. R. Muthusudaram General Secretary

International Connection :

AISGEF is affiliated to Trade Union International of Public & Allied Employees. Besides these, it maintains close connection with different other international trade unions.


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